Camping Equipment

Camping and Outdoor Equipment at Unbeatable Prices

Need a tent? Rucksack? Sleeping bag? Torch? Stove? Pegs? Waterproofing spray? Chair? Folding toaster? Map? ……

Don’t panic! We’ve got everything you could possibly need for a stroll on Ilkley Moor, a wet weekend in Wales or a fortnight in the South of France.

The kit, gadgets and accessories we sell are too numerous to list here (in fact it would probably be easier to list what we don’t have) but suffice to say, if you can think of it we’ve probably got it.

As with the rest of our stock, we only sell good quality products from recognised brands such as Gelert, MagLite, and Ordnance Survey, so you can rest assured that everything will work as it is supposed to.

You’ll also find that our prices are particularly reasonable too, so why not check us out?

Buy Camping Equipment at Coldspring Mill